Can Precision Finishing Services do blasting as well as vibratory finishing?

Yes, Precision Finishing Services is able to complete a full range of finishing services including blasting and vibratory finishing.  We use advanced technology and high-end equipment to best meet client demands.

What size range is Precision Finishing Services capable of doing?

Precision Finishing Services works with parts as small as 1/8 inch to 6 feet in our modern facility.  We often accommodate customized sized outside of this range for our valued clients.  Please call us to discuss.

Will Precision Finishing Services experiment with a customer’s part to determine the best way to establish the process?

Precision Finishing Services has a highly skilled and experienced team that brings a great deal of industry knowledge and insight to everything we do.  We often work with clients to analyze a situation, review an existing part, and find an effective finishing process that is on target, on budget and produces the best end-product available.

Does Precision Finishing Services have multiple media available?

Yes, Precision Finishing Services has multiple media – as well as access to a variety of special options  -and machinery available to do the job to your satisfaction.  This is in part because we are closely associated with New England Metal Finishing, Inc., and have immediate access to their resources.

What size parts can you handle in the blast area?

Precision Finishing Services has a blast area that can accommodate parts from 1/8th of an inch to 6 feet long.

What type of material can you process?

Precision Finishing Services can process all kinds of material including various metal, plastic, and ceramic parts. Call us to discuss your exact needs.

Are you an environmentally conscience company?

Precision Finishing Services uses only environmentally friendly materials and has developed careful processes and best practices that follow the highest environmental standards.

How large is the Precision Finishing Services facility?

We have a 33,000 square-foot facility that houses more than 50 machines including blaster and vibratory equipment.